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Reverse Lend-Lease Jungle Suit - Australian Made


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Picked this up recently - it is a 95% copy of the US camouflage one-piece jungle coveralls  made of regular OD HBT in Australia. I've collected US gear for over 25 years, and am pretty familiar with most reverse lend-leave uniforms / web gear items....but I've never seen these before - and have been able to turn up nothing about them online or in any reference books. It mentions in "Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces" that samples of the jungle suit were rushed to the South Pacific - maybe this was a local production sample?  I have never seen any in photos being worn either. I posted them in an Australian collector group and so far, the only thing added is the tag looks legit and the N57 code is for some factory located in New South Wales.  Does anyone have further info?

Observations on these:

-Had internal suspenders, just like the US model - but were cut out - which is just like most US models. 

-Cuff buttons are hard rubber.

-The only modification from the US pattern is two additional narrow pockets on the calf sections...knife pockets?  (pictured)

-The 11th Airborne patch was on these when I bought them. The patch and thread passes a black light test, so I'm not going to remove it. It is generally cleaner than the rest of the suit. It might have been added when the owner was on occupation duty in Japan? Just a guess. 

-One period repair to the front, also in HBT fabric. Looks like maybe a cartridge belt wore a hole through the waist line?

-The zipper is a ZIPP brand - and may be a post war replacement? Not familiar with this brand.  

Thanks for any help!!







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Brian Keith

Very interesting! Aussie made stuff is neat, this is just awesome! Thanks for posting it. I'm pretty sure the size tag in 40 is a US measurement not Commonwealth, so it would indicated it was for US consumption.


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Bump - still have been unable to find anything about this jump suit or pictures of them in use. 

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