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Hello, All,

         I had been planning a WW2 manikin display for the last year and now the  shelter-in-place orders mandated by COVID-19 kept me inside to finish the job. The display could depict a 7th Army soldier in  later 1944 in Italy or Southern France, I suppose. Recently watched the WW2 US Army film "San Pietro" on Netflix . Several soldiers outfits resembled what I put together( except for the axe). Mostly it displays items I have acquired over time:

      Double-buckle boots - belonged to a New Jersey doctor who served in the ETO and at Walter Reed Hospital.

      Wool Shirt- belonged to my neighbor's Uncle Max who served with the 3rd Air Force.

      M1941 field jacket (ID'd)  - Belonged to Joe P. of  PA who served four years as a hospital medic  from North Africa to Italy and France, then England and post-war on a hospital ship in the Philipines.

      M36 musette bag (ID'd)  and canteen  - used by Frank K. of Somerset, NJ who served as an infantry Sergeant in Italy. His mess kit, repaired with a grenade pull-ring, is in the musette  bag.

      Dog tags - Seymour S. of Pennsylvania, associated with the Manhattan Project in 1945 and post-war.  On the chain is a P38 can opener still secured with cloth tape.

      Pistol belt -family item bought as surplus  in the 1950's and kept around ever since.

      Trousers, helmet, binoculars case, suspenders, pouches - not attributed.


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Wonderful! I did a very similar setup, only with a cartridge belt rather than a pistol, for my infantry mannequin seeing as that is the time period my grandfather entered the 36th ID. Looks good!

GEN. David R. Atchinson- MO State Guard              ACW

PVT. John H. Drury- Co. A, 27th Ky IR                      ACW               Died of Typhoid

PVT. Henry E. Thomas- Co. I, 17th Ky IR                  ACW

PVT. Joseph E. Drury- Co. E, 356th IR, 89th ID       WWI                WIA

SGT. Edward P. Drury- 51st QM Training Co.           WWII

PFC. Delmer C. Koonter- Co. I, 142nd IR, 36th ID    WWII              WIA

SC3c Michael C. Drury- LCS (L) (3) 70                     WWII

SGT. Steven D. Koonter- 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div         Vietnam

SGT. John M. Drury- 227th AVN Bn. 1st Cav Div     Vietnam


Contact me with items from the 36th Infantry Division or any IDd uniforms of European Theater Infantry Divisions

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Great resting pose on that mannequin, unlike lots of the stiff dummies out there! I especially like the attached helmet stand rather than a head which distracts less from the uniform/gear. Nice work! 

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