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World War One Weekly Wing Recap (1-6)

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Since Patrick was kind enough to do this week's Weekly World War One Wing Post with his very informative post on T.V. Allen wings, I had a little extra time and so thought it might be useful to recapitulate where these posts have covered since the beginning of the year.

The passing of Marvin Brenner and Garth Thompson last year, two tireless advocates for our hobby, reminded me that both had gently encouraged me to take a more active role promoting the hobby.  One of the manifestations of that effort was the "World War One Weekly Wing" posts, through which my hope was to help other collectors find early-era wing badges more accessible.  

Hopefully, together, we have succeeded in that effort in some small way.

Here is a recap of the first 6 World War One Weekly Wing Posts:


An unusual American-made pin back wing:


E. H. Dreher of New Jersey:


French-made 1st type Observer or Junior Military Aviator


The "quintessential" American-made, sew on bullion wing:


Patrick's first WWOWW guest post--a deep dive into Dan Dunham wings:


American-made 2nd type Observer:



Best wishes to all!



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