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Soft armor cover for PASGT helmet?

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Hello all! First time posting on USMF, and I'm starting with a "what the heck is this" thread

This is a recent eBay score that was described as a "PASGT flak cover," but I'm not so sure upon closer examination.

Note that in most of the photos below the camera's auto white balance makes the cover look like a much brighter, faded olive than it is. The side-by-side comparison with the BASIC cover further on gives a more accurate representation.




The only marking is a tag reading "LARGE."  Note the velcro band at rear with single eyelet.



The cover handily swallows a size large LWH. I expect the drawstrings would be vital since this cover appears to run rather large.



Now the fun part: a comparison between a BASIC countermine ensemble size medium ballistic helmet cover and our unknown specimen.

Other than clearly being designed for the same general shape and cut of helmet, they are radically different in design.



The BASIC cover (medium) weighs 1 lbs 7 oz, while our new contender (large) comes in at a whopping 2 lbs 4 oz. I thought the new cover felt every bit as heavy as the "naked" LWH pictured above, and it looks like that's because it very nearly is! It's difficult to gauge the thickness of the internal ballistic material just by feel, but it feels slightly thicker than the armor in the BASIC cover, and the material is substantially more stiff.

The lack of any external markings beyond the most basic sizing label strikes me as very odd, and unfortunately the very heavy stitching means that any attempt to examine the ballistic material inside would be a destructive process.


Any clues? It seems to be designed for a modern PASGT-style-cut of helmet, but the lack of markings makes me think it's not military in origin, or at least very low volume production. Maybe a helmet cover for a full-up EOD suit, either mil or law enforcement?

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Thanks for the link, I didn’t realize there were prototype ballistic covers for the CVC. I don’t think the ear cut of this cover is right for use on a CVC, but now I have to check.

The woodland cover shown side by side with the mystery cover in the pics I took actually is the BASIC countermine ensemble/mini EOD suit cover, and the two don’t appear to be related.


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