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Vietnam Advisor Purples Jacket

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Nice set, did the beret come from the Japanese seller ?


Uniform was from a US collector & beret was from Japan.

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I think that the set was from the welknown seller from OAKLAND, fortunately, nothing wrong this time



Uniform was from a US collector & beret was from Japan.
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Jason thanks for posting your set , Do you lot notice it has the same piece of refence pattern on the rear ?


Your beret is a copy made today in Vietnam .

I hope you bought it as such


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Hi Jason .

After looking at many sets of Windproof , both 1st and 2nd print of the fabric you begin to notice the pattern itself is very small compaired to the British version .

The British print has a massive repeat length and is very hard to pin down .

The Viet copy only used a small section with lots of character and numerous shapes .

If you look at post 83 you will see a common back of a shirt .

Your shirt has almost the same placement of the pattern .

To me this is great !!

And it also confirms my thoughts on windproof .

This pattern when washed and used takes on many different characters , your set is no exception .

The fact that your set has had more than one owner is a testment to the high regard troops held this uniform .

I have heard many stories of the uniforms being stolen , traded , given at the end of a tour to new members of the unit when an individuals tour was over !!


Check post 82 and you will also see the original configeration of this Viet pattern

I hope this helps


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I need some advice from the experts. I picked this hat up from a dealer about 10 years ago. He told me it was a Rhodesian camo boonie hat. I never bought the fact it was Rhodesian. The pattern isn't right (unless it is one of the very early Rhodesian patterns) and I was never able to identify the pattern. While I was reading this thread, the boonie I bought all those years ago popped back into my head. I am not sure if it is the Pinks pattern, but thought it was close enough that I might seek some other opinions. Thanks in advance!!!!


Now the hat is quite an enigma. The outside is faded and someone has added a piece of cotton camouflage to the outside top. The camo pattern looks African, but I'm not sure. Also, there are two slits the front of the fabric where it looks like a pair of jump wings or badge has been attached. The inside is VERY greasy from human body oils.




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My fav pic of kammo-Man wearing the @nd Pattern of the Windproofs, this photo dosnt do the pattern justice, it was beautiful!!!!




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