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Camillus M4 1953 contract New in Boxes, yeah two

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Hi Folks,

I have never seen this before.  An outer box as well as the inner box for a 1953 contract Camillus M4.  The foil wrapper is fully intact, and not torn. The boxes are in great shape.  The inner box even has a small piece of original tape still attached,  holding the top and bottom of the box together (not shown in pics).

The white powder/crystals on the leather are (I've been told) MRT crystals (Mildew Resistant Treatment).  They fall off when moved. I'm not going to brush them off.  Where else can you see MRT crystals on a leather bayonet handle?  This is a part of history not often seen. Thanks for looking.












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Marv- Now that is a real prize! Like yourself, I have never seen that packaging before. Congrats on a great find, and thank you for showing us.  SKIP

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3 hours ago, siclfde said:

Nice find!!   Were these issued w/o sheaths or did they come in a separate package??

This contract did not call for scabbards.  These M4s would have been issued in one of the tens of thousands of scabbards that were already on hand.



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