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Hey all, I am reminding everyone know about Marshall's Arsenal and all the unique items I have for reenactors, historic displays and films.  I am constantly improving and coming up with new items to help preserve history and have fun at it too.  Furthermore, I have recently allowed Paratrooper to start selling Marshall's Arsenal products at their store in Normandy. Hopefully this will help guys overseas save on the cost of shipping and other restrictions.  I hope you will check out the store.

Here are some samples of the most popular items:

Grenade Parts - 3 Types.jpg

M1 Garand Fillers.jpg

MP40 - 1.jpg

Thompson - Both 20 and 30.jpg

3 types 20mm Oerlikon with Original.jpg

40mm Ad Forum.jpg

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I bought an MK2 grenade and an M19 shotshells from this shop. The items were very satisfying and they are still active as my reenactment!

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Thanks for a great endorsement.  I am glad you like the products and would take the time to post here.  I like happy customers.


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