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T-33 Ejection Seat Help Needed

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I've posted before - I'm restoring a T-33 ejection seat. For the variants that have a man-seat separator, does anyone know the nomenclature, manufacturer, part number or any other identification for the associated rotary actuator?

Seat18 actuator (1000-49?).jpeg

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3 hours ago, AZPhil said:

Hey Cap,

I just used my Bing Fu and was wondering if you have been to this site?


Possible follow the link and become a member of this Parks College Parachute Research Group and ask there.



I know what they do but do not know the info you are asking for.

Just a Thought! I hope it helps you out!!


Semper Fi



Thanks so much for the suggestion!!

I'm actually quite familiar with the website but never noticed your referenced page!  It's a great lead, thanks!


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