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N.S. Meyer - Period Question


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Can anyone help me to narrow the period of this hallmark?

It looks like Mid 30s - 1943 according to the table from this thread:

Am I correct? Is it possible to find out the exact year?

Thank you all in advance!





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Really? No one chimed in yeah or neigh of this before now?

Well, it is incised by the look of it, I'd agree with the Mid'30s- 1943 date. To get any more specific, you'd need to see more of it. I can't tell what it is from the back. A date of adoption for a specific design could be useful. There were lots of new and redesigned insignia in that period.

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I always research the unit and find out when they were organized.  Many were organized in the early 40's to prepare for the war which would give you the earliest date the insignia could have been made.  Units that were organized for the war after January 2, 1943 didn't get an authorized DUI during the was because the War Department (per Circular No. 6, January 2, 1943) suspended the design and manufacture of all distinctive insignia so the labor and material could be used for the war effort.  Some got around the rules by using sterling or plastic. Most were considered unauthorized but the Army didn't enforce the wearing of the insignia.

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