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Knife Crafters sword knife


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I recently acquired a WWII Knife Crafters sword knife with the blade made from a hilt section of a sword I do not recognize. It is unmarked, oval in shape, and looks like it might possibly be a Civil War import. Does anyone know what type of sword the knife blade was made from? I have seen at least four WWII Knife Crafters sword knives with this exact same blade. The knife in the last picture is not mine but the blade was made from the same type of sword.

Also I was wondering if anyone has seen a laundry mark with two letters before the four numbers? All of the ones I have seen just have one letter.






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The use of an X prior to the letter in the laundry mark normally indicates an officer.


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Beautiful knife. Could you show a side view of the blade. I'm no expert but I don't know of any oval shaped swords. I purchased a Knife Crafters knife several years ago. The shop owner didn't know what it was, I didn't know what it was so I got it cheap. I was very lucky.

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