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Hello From Georgia

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This is an incredible site! I am so happy I found it!

There was a great Military Surplus store in the city i grew up in, Fredericksburg, VA. This was in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. I used to go there every chance I could get and purchase some of the most awesome items. Training grenades, inert LAW tubes, C-Rats, etc. I know many of you remember the bygone era of “Real Surplus”. It makes me sad that I have not seen anything like that in many years. Anyway, had a collection that I loved back then at my parents house. I left to join the Army in 1985 and while I was completing my first year of service in Kitzingen Germany, the house burned down and everything was lost. I always thought about beginning another collection but just didn’t know where to start. Then, I discovered this site. Hopefully, with the help of everyone on the site, I will be able to tailor a plan to building a new collection. I am really looking forward to learning from everyone here and building a modest collection I can once again be proud of.

 Thank you!


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Welcome Ken. What do you think the focus of your new collection will be?

520th Transportation Bn., Phu Loi, RVN

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Hello Ken, welcome to the forum. Good luck for your new collection, what kind will it be?

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Old Crow 1986

Welcome to the site.  It's a great group of folks that are experts in just about everything.  Take your time rebuilding your collection.  I'm somewhat of a newbie collector myself and one of the many things I've learned here at USMF is there are all manner of fakes and dishonest folks out there pushing the knock offs.  So...welcome...learn...focus...enjoy! 

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