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Trying to ID a jet pilot helmet

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I'm looking at what appears to be  maybe a Vietnam era pilots helmet. I don't know squat about helmets but the price is right.I don't have a pic which I know might be fatal but I took down some info from the label inside. It's made by Gentex and has a contract # of N383-66584A and serial # 8415-577-4143. It's missing it's pull down visor but has headphones installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I fear you are correct.A photo would be necessary to pin down exact ID on the helmet.Describe the interior liner and liner pads and the straps,might help.







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Does it look like this helmet?  This is an APH-5, used by the U.S. Army.  Not to be confused with the APH-5 used by the U.S. Navy :)

Post a photo or two if you can of your helmet!







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that N383... number sounds very APH5 suspect, im guessing a size large APH-5.

Mine is a medium.

I have most all the contract numbers written down,..lost somewhere in my X-files  ? 

if it has leather tabs (with snaps) out the front cheek areas, could be an early 60s Quartermaster variant



IMG_1526 (1).JPG

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Thank you very much Viking 73, MajorMadMax and AMT369D. I see minor differences between the helmet pics posted by Viking73 and MajorMadMax/AMT369D. Is that Army Vs Navy? Mine looks exactly like the one shown by MajorMadMax and AMT369D. What I see on mine is the same metal strip that runs down the center of the visor protector and the metal clip just below the lowest attachment screw on the visor cover/protector. The label in mine is exactly the same as the label in ATM369D's pic except the top # on mine ends with 43 rather than 42. Mine is missing the pull down visor. Are replacements available somewhere?

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APH5s are abundant and most parts are available from many sources, the most common being that of the online auction.

The hardset bits to locate (unless you have them already) are comm cord and  MX2088 earcups that aren't dried out,

and correct 3 piece liners, although the HGU22(sub assembly), HGU-2, 2AP ,26P  liner works quite well in a pinch with some mod

and especially well on the early Quartermaster variant with the thick rubber edgeroll

Visor housing, tracks and visors are pretty common and available here and there. Chin and nape straps,.. same.

Rubber edge beading for the shell is getting harder to come by although there are a couple of sources still carrying that part.


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Here is a a basic example of the 5 as ordered by the Navy.

A lot of shared components (type configured) with Army 5 and even the Air Foce HGU-2. 

hopefully I'll find the time one day to install the missing comms and cord. ?

The APH/HGU (60s.70s era) has been my focus and favorite helmet for a long time.




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40 minutes ago, mohawkALSE said:

Sounds like what he found is the "Pea Green" early Army APH-5 like you showed AMT but in size large judging by the FSN he listed.

Yes sir. and that pea green is actually FSN 34088 olive drab which is in FS595 color specs altho the photo makes it look a tad "peaish" ?

FYI - "Rubber edge beading for the shell is getting harder to come by although there are a couple of sources still carrying that part." 

I meant the black thin "edge besding"  like show on Viking73's 5,..

not the edgeroll found on the early examples. Those are long gone ?

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