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Farragut Veterans Association Port of New York Badge

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I seem to recall some where it was discussed when Spanish American War Veterans were allowed to join the Farragut Veterans Association.  Does anyone here  know of the reference for this?  

My badge belonged to Landsman Otto F Jentz of the USS Brooklyn. 




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Here is what little I know about this medal.

Farragut Association Port of New York Bronze Medal 

This medal was first created as a Civil War Navy veteran's membership badge for the Farragut Veteran Association Port of New York.  Originally organized in 1883, in 1899 the associatopn became the nucleus of a new society, “The United States Veteran Navy”, which also included Spanish American War naval veterans.  The badge of the original organization is described as “a badge of bronze; a ribbon bearing the inscription ‘Farragut Veteran Association, Port Of New York’ encircles an irregular-shaped field, in the center of which is an eagle on a capstan, crossed cannon to the right, crossed swords to the left and rays above the eagle, the whole resting on an anchor and suspended by a ring from a clasp pin.  The top bar is blank and examples have been found engraved with the names of Civil War Ships or names of members of the Association.  I think this is a scarce badge, for blue jackets and Marines, most of these badges did not survive. 

Here is an example that I recently sold.  Unfortunately it was missing the top bar.

Medal - Farragut 01.jpg




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I sold one of these also, years ago. The top bar was engraved with the ship but no name on the reverse.



In Peace and War, US Merchant Marine. WARNING: Dangerous Cargo. No Visitors, No Smoking, No Open Lights.

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