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WW2 US AAF Jacket w/ Zipper Hood what is it?


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Hello everyone;

Recently been helping a friend sort through his collection of WW2 Stuff and we came across this unusual AAF Cold Weather Parka Jacket with a fur lined hood that's permanently attached to the jacket itself but zips up the middle to either leave it open on the sides, or closed down the middle to make it a hood. It has recessed cuffs and bears the AAF insignia stamped on the upper left sleeve, but it doesn't have a label with the stock number anywhere, there is a label that reads 36 Reg in the upper left pocket. 

Wasn't sure exactly what it's called and he didn't know either (he bought it like 40 years ago, he couldn't remember where), so I wanted to try and help him out and figure out what it is exactly. I've seen similar jackets listed as B-9 Parkas, but then B-9s I've seen with a label in them don't have the recessed cuffs like this one does. If anyone has any idea what this thing is or if it is indeed a B-9 Parka, I would very much appreciate it.  I will post more pics of it in the comments. Please and Thank You








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Thanks dolyer. When I was comparing it to others, it seemed like that's what it was. But I wasn't sure because of those recessed cuffs. Unless, was there a B-9 Jacket and a B-9 Parka? Were they like two different things?

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15 minutes ago, kammo-man said:


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Agee that's why I mentioned it as "style" due to the quilted green liner its commercial or civilian produced in the post war era.Seen them Sold by SEARs and Surplus Stores.


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Just so I learn something here.

What is the correct color for the quilted liner on a B-9.

My only reference is Sweeting's "Combat flying clothing" and its in black and white.


Semper Fi


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The common thing about the WW2 B-9 is the white cord on the hood, but Bronson made reproductions with the white cord and ink stamps So many post war copy's were made and the makers tags are deceptive. Not every original B-9 will have its tag so you have to pay attention to details.




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This is an original B-9 Parka I have. I was able to track down the owner from the information in the pocket. I posted this on W-A a long time ago...... The name read "W.M.Foley 14048770". I googled it and found a wealth of info. Turns out S/Sgt. William M. Foley was a B-29 tail gunner with the 466th BG (H) 793rd SQ and flew 35 missions on both B-29 42-63356 "Lassie" (Foley is bottom row far right)and B-29 42-63460 "Lassie Too!" (Foley is bottom row 3rd from left) Lassie while on return from bombing Formosa took hits on the number one engine and force landed at Sichuan China. After six days of repair they became the first bomber crew to go down behind enemy lines and return according to "The story of the Billy Mitchell Group-from the C.B.I. to the Marianas" Foley was awarded the Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Unit Badge, Good Conduct Medal and the WW2 Victory Medal. I would have missed all this history if I hadn't looked in the pocket!!!  By the way I decided to keep the jacket and gave the seller good marks.







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Note in this photo Lassie has a white surround on the star as seen in the crew photo with Foley. This is the first Lassie and Foley is also listed as being a crew member on Lassie Too. The B-29 that went down behind Japanese lines. My link to this jacket...




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Phil, I think the liner material is the key. Alpaca lining vs a quilted lining.

I was once told the quilted lining is at best post-war made.

The words "B-9 Type" or "B-15 Type" are the giveaways of the period civi jackets. Whereas "Type B-9" would be okay padentically, "B-9 Type" would not and would indicate a civi jacket patterned after the B-9.

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