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Convair seat found, need rails?


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Hi, I got a Convair 131/340 pilots seat this weekend.  The seat evidently sits on rails mounted to the floor, which I didn't get.  There are rollers and a pin lock at the bottom, to adjust fore and aft.  I've polished up the seat and want to make it sitable.  Would you try to find or make some rails, and mount them on a plate?  The seat as is is very light, about 25lbs.  But I want to use it as furniture.  Thanks!

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8 hours ago, hink441 said:

Yes I would also love to see some pics.

Somewhat related, I have a control yoke from a C-131.



Very cool.  I do love those old Convair C-131s/T-29s :)  Is there a picture of it in the control wheel thread?  I have several Dash -1s and also a T-29A/B/C/D and C-131A checklist.






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Here is the seat.  I'm still looking for rails, the guy I got it from didn't have any.  They are T shaped in cross section, the seat had clamps and rollers and a locking pin at the bottom.  



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