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and please don't take pictures of the flag lying on the ground like that.....I know it may seem picky or petty but it triggers a response even when done unintentionally.



"When in doubt, Go cyclical"


For more information on

"In a Strange Land: The American Occupation of Germany 1918-1923"

"Let's Go! The History of the 29th Infantry Division"

"To Hell with the Kaiser: America Prepares for War 1916-1918 Volumes 1 and 2"

"Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces"

"Forgotten Soldiers of WWI: America's Immigrant Doughboys"

"Play Ball! Doughboys and Baseball During the Great War"

go to


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Al gave you a good evaluation on the first flag. The second flag is definitely NOT military. For starters, the stars on the blue field is sewn on upside-down! The material is thin and it is obvious that it would not hold up to being flown out of doors. Some wind would turn it to shreds. My guess is that it was a patriotic piece sold for indoor display. It was inexpensive when it was manufactured, and it will not have gained much value over the years.


Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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