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Hello to everyone! - new member

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Good evening to you all! Hope this finds you well.


I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I have been a guest reader on this forum for quite some time now, and finally decided to become a member. I am truly grateful to all of the individuals on this forum that have been so kind in providing such a wealth of knowledge on various topics.


I have always loved history since I was a young child. My father was a BB Stacker (Munitions) in the USAF, working with the legendary B-52 Stratofortress. I also have other family members who served our country, ranging back to The American Revolution. Through the years my interest in and appreciation of Military History has only become deeper.


I am a collector of militaria (largely items that, while not worth much monetarily, tell the story of the individual who used it) because I love being the caretaker of tangible links to the past.


Enough rambling on my part, but I look forward to being a member of this stellar community of collectors and military history enthusiasts.


Take care,



"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..." - Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun, 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army

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Welcome! Always good to have another native Air Force speaker here. ('BB stacker'...ahhh, IYAAYAS). I like your long term goal of preserving history and honoring legacies. So get ready to (continue) enjoy(ing) the learning experience and the camaraderie.

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Welcome! Folks don't comment as much here as they used to. I don't want to knock it because there is a wealth of information here. If you're looking for interaction try the Facebook page. Very friendly and helpful!






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Old Crow and B_hinch, thank you both very much! Yes I have spoken some Air Force since I was a kid, at times not even knowing it lol. My dad was a part of The Mighty Eighth, stationed at Barksdale. I grew up with a high respect for the history of the 8th, Curtis Lemay and what SAC stood for. I remember being maybe? about 8 years old, sitting on the couch with my dad drawing GPBs (with yellow bands and all), all out of his head from tech manuals years before. The USAF is in my blood.


I treat and preserve my collection as if I were the curator of a small museum. So many heirlooms and relics are lost to time, and if I can save artifacts of tiny fractions of the past, then I have done my job effectively as a custodian and student of history. One such example is that I have two original WWI entrenching tools, one Italian and the other Austrian. They hang together in my living room, representing the deadlocked struggle that some of those poor men went through, fighting literally on the top of the world. A lot of people think of The Great War as only trench warfare on the Western Front, but in these two seemingly ordinary tools, is a story of brutal survival in the cold, with thin oxygen and barely any water to drink (only snow melt). It's examples like that which humble me, fortunate to be able to see, touch and care for such remarkable items.


I rant a lot, but I appreciate those who take time to bear it lol :P


Once again thanks guys for the kind welcome! Take care!


P.S. - Thanks for the advice about FB, Hinch. I don't get on really at all anymore, but will keep that in mind.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..." - Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun, 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army

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You sound a lot like me. I get very passionate about history and sometimes its hard to stop myself. Like you Im semi obsessed with having a museum attitude to my history. I spend the vast majority of my time researching and working on properly displaying and preserving items.


Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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I can totally relate. I'm am very passionate as well about history, particularly that of a military nature. I believe that a zeal for history is of key importance, as it helps to ensure the ongoing documentation, preservation and remembrance of different eras in the human experience. I love to research various items and the context surrounding them. The USMF is such an invaluable resource for information, and has been extremely useful to me in the past. We all are truly fortunate to have such a wealth of knowledge readily available. 

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..." - Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun, 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army

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Welcome Daytonian

have fun on this site as there is are a lot of knowable members on this forum.

Me too luv the history of the military as most of my family (dad, step dad, uncles and grandparents were military) and the respect I have for them!

one thing I find to tight rope is of being accused  of military war mogger -

   how can you like something so much? 

 how can you have interest in that stuff?

well they don't know (or do but don't care) how this has shaped the world - Stewards of history we are! 




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Thank you for the warm welcome! That is awesome that you come from a family with a military lineage as well.

Concerning people, yes it can be a bit frustrating at times when others don't understand the importance of how military affairs have influenced society, or the advances in technology that have come about because of such. It may be a lack of interest, or possibly moral conviction? Nonetheless, we as collectors and history enthusiasts do in fact value it, and the individuals who were a part of it. The legacy of the men and women that have given a up a portion of time (and in some cases their lives) to military service deserve to be remembered!


"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls..." - Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun, 1st Cavalry Division, United States Army

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