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URGENT FLAG - Troop Carrier Group grouping about to be split on eBay

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Not sure if this is where or how I am supposed to do this, but just came across these two auctions on eBay, which appear to be from the same USAAF Troop Carrier Group vet (I haven't contacted the seller to confirm) and in my limited knowledge seem to be being offered at a very reasonable price:






I would jump on it myself to keep them together, but not my area of collecting and they would end up in the UK, so harder to move on to someone who really wants them, especially if they end up going back to the US.


Great research opportunity there with the Dog Tags and if the medals and wings are linked, then aircrew man too, although none of the medals are named.


Good luck, hope it stays together and find a good home with someone here. Both still available with BIN prices as of me hitting 'post'.

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Apparently someone else bought his photo album and is selling each photo separately already.


"Vintage photo from US Army Air Corp Cpl Kenneth D. Simonini's 1945-46 Germany photo Albums.

He enlisted 23 Apr 1945, and was stationed at USAAF's Tempelhof sometime in fall of 1945. Stationed there until Sept of 1946 returning home and discharged Oct 3, 1946. (serving only 18 months. re-registered for the draft Oct 9th 1946) [info from fold3 . com]

He was with 306th Air Troop Carrier Squadron, 891st Air Engr Sq. stationed at Tempelhof Airdrome, Berlin. He was assigned in the parachute shop."






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Believe this seller deals in copies which he says so. Fair prices for what they are Richard

Wanted: WWI ID'ed USMC Green Wool Uniform and ANYTHING documented to my Dad's Iwo Jima outfit: 21st Marines 3rd Div.

Items marked "Marquet, Marquett, or Marquette"







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