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CISO/indig ruck


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Several years ago Gordon Rottman gave me this ruck for safekeeping. His recollection is that a team mate took it from supply and wanted to see if gray or green camo paint would work on it. So the guy hit it with a couple bursts of spray paint but did not like it. So Gordon packed it away and came home with it.


He claims he wants to eventually write a synopsis of where and how he got it and sell it but he has yet to do the write up.


Also, when he gave it to me, we found a 501 blue beret inside. He recalled that he liberated it, as he said, from a 101 trooper during a JOTC rotation sometime in the 70s. I think he said it was after a bar altercation.


Anyway, I am a little bored and wanted to share this with all you.


Stay safe and hang tough.


Front of ruck:


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