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Thoughts on this rank plate


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I recently purchased this 4 star rank plate. You can see it once was the plate of a three star general then upgraded to four star. The plate is 9 x 6 made of thick aluminum an once had two arms that have been cut off, it has a number 0-686 stenciled on the back. Everything about the plate looks theater made. I have searched 0-686 and can come up with only one close match to that number that made 4 stars and thats Courtney Hodges 0-2686.. .I would like your input please,




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Just came across this post. The marking on the back would not relate to a specific general. Posts/installations would have had a box of these plates on hand ready to use as needed, swapped around from vehicle to vehicle as required, just as with vehicle flags.  While  the general's aide may have had a set (plate and flag) too, I can't see any reason they'd ever consider "laundry marking" an ID to the individual on it.  The garrison owned set I've seen covers all general officer ranks (in more than one branch), plus plates and flags for other positions which warrant one (Sec of the Army, Deputy Sec, etc) and are likely to show up on post at some point.  


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