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Senior Balloon Wing

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Is this a real wing? It's currently on a bidding site and there are more pics on the site. I swear I have seen the personalized markings before but didnt think they were on a balloon wing.



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So, about 10+ years ago there where a couple of sellers on eBay ( probably the same person) who would come out with all these exotics that were always engraved check this tread : http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21830-examples-of-fake-fantasy-reproduction-wings/

Here is and example from that thread:





As you can see, same engraving style on the big letters - it's junk


Paul Conrad
Still looking for quality wings!


2007 spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png
spacer.pngspacer.png2017 spacer.pngspacer.png

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Yes, This guy's fakes tend to have all the "bells and whistles". Usually a stamped in fake hallmark of some rather rare manufacturer, a "hokey" name or phrase, and a date (in case you didn't know what period it was supposed to be from). All put on the wing with a nail or dremmel bit by someone with no skill. Sometimes its on a cast wing, sometimes on a NS Meyer restrike.


But, they seem to fool a fair number of new collectors.



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