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Uniform Restoration help needed - GHQ Ike jacket

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Hopefully this post is in the right section. With the extra time on my hands these days, I've nearly wrapped up cataloging my collection and have moved on to wanting to restore a couple Ike jackets. One of them being a Ike jacket named to a local vet who served in GHQ, HQ & Service Group, Staff Battalion HQ, Company C in Japan during occupation right after the war. He went overseas in Oct '46 and was discharged in April '47.


Here is a link to a previous discussion on the jacket;




I have his records and know that he got a Sharpshooter-Carbine qualification badge (even though he was a clerk/typist) and was eligible and received the Victory Medal and Occupation Medal. Those are easy enough for me to acquire and add to the jacket.


The questions I have are;


1) confirming his collar disks insignia - I know it would be (1) 'US' but not sure on the 2nd one - regular enlisted infantry? Or one with crossed rifles with 'HQ' designated?


2) what DUI's would he have worn? I saw some online but they were for the GHQ Honor Guard only.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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