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ANC and Selective Service


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My grandmother, 1st Lt Erva Irene Watson (1912-1963), served in the Army Nurse Corps from 26 Jun 1941 to 15 Apr 1945.


Ive recently discovered she received the Selective Service Medal and am trying to figure out when she may have worked for the Selective Service. Any idea/guesses welcome.


Military Bio:

She started at the Station Hospital in Camp Barkeley, TX (1941-1943). Then was sent to Camp Kilmer, NJ in Dec 1943 to await her duties on the USAHS Chateau Thierry (its first voyage as a hospital ship disembarked on 5 Mar 1944). In October 1944, as a patient - due to rheumatoid arthritis - she was sent to Stark General Hospital, SC then on to the Army General Hospital, Ark. She was finally discharged from the army in April 1945 due to pregnancy. She delivered her baby in August 1945 at the Naval Hospital, MD. Her husband was in the Medical Corps stationed at the Convalescent Hospital at Camp Pickett. He was discharged in Jan 1946 due to medical reasons.



1. Could she have worked with Selective Service as part of her duties at Camp Barkeley?

2. Could she have worked with Selective Service as part of her duties at Camp Kilmer while awaiting the completion of the hospital ship?

3. Could she has been assigned to Selective Service while recuperating at the Army General Hospital?

4. Could she have worked as a civilian while she was pregnant?

5. Is there any way to find out for certain?



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