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Antiaircraft Artillery School ? Anderson Air Activities


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Hi altogether,


I'm looking for info on this " Antiaircraft Artillery School" ?? patch.I have been looking at ASMIC Trading Post to find something about this patch but had no luck.Unfortunately I don't have a good one and the image below is the only one I found to see what patch I mean.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.






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Better yet, read the JM 2017 Trading Post.


And for the non-ASMIC Forum members who read this post, I wrote the article. It is sourced.


There are many dealers not aware of the correct ID for this patch. They will try to sell this patch to you as the WW II AAA School. Now you know.


Member, ASMIC.

Editor, ASMIC's The Trading Post

ASMIC Executive VP

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Thank you very much Gentlemen for your help.OK,so I would say it's one of the civilian air school patches like the "Thunderbird Airfield Arizona" school which were active during WW2 -right ?



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