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Here we have a 2nd pattern canteen cover belonging to John Frank Wojs. This canteen would have been issued to him while in service.


Before the war began in Europe Johns parents would come to the United States of America from Poland. They would move to Cleveland, Ohio which where John would grow up.


Before the war John would be what people called a Tree Surgeon. They would preserve diseased & decaying trees, pruned tree, sprayed trees, and also removed and treat rotted areas. Once the war would start he would enlist into the United States Marine Corps. He would be sent off to Camp Pendleton and train to be a engineer. After basic he would be assigned to Company B, 4th Engineer Battalion, 4th Marine Division. Then John would find himself heading to an island called Iwo Jima. Here he would participate in most if not the whole battle.


After the war he would move to Montana and that where he would be laid to rest.


Thank you for your service John. ????



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