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This specific canteen cover belonged to a gentleman named Samuel Joseph Zuccone. Before the war would start in Europe Sams parents would move to Youngstown, Ohio from Italy. Here in Youngstown, Ohio Mr. Zuccone will grow up and become a salesman before the war.


On December 18th 1941 shortly after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he and most of Americans would enlist to serve their country! Sam would enlist in the United States Marine Corps to take the fight to the Japanese. Once enlisted he would be sent off to Parris Island, South Carolina. He would go through basic training to become a Engineer. After training he would be assigned to Co B 1st Battalion 20th Marines 4th Marine Division. Once assigned he would be on his way to an island called Saipan. He would participate in the invasion and battle of Saipan. After Saipan he would find himself participating in the invasion of Iwo Jima with the 4th Engineer Battalion 4th Marine Division. In 1946 he would be honorably discharged.


After the war he would settle down in Zainesville, Ohio and live the rest of his life there until he was laid to rest June 21st, 2003


Thank you for your service Samuel! ??



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