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Helmets in Use - WW2 Era Armor and WW2 M1 Steel Helmet


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Captain J. McMahon of the U.S. Ninth Army carrying a little German girl over a destroyed bridge. May 1, 1945, Tangermünde, Germany.

Color by Christos Kaplanis



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On 12/31/2021 at 2:05 AM, doyler said:

A GI of the 65th Infantry Division in Katharinberg, Germany on April 9, 1945

Wearing a German parka 






Great pic! My Grandfather was 65th (259th IR, K Co.) and remarked how from Camp Luckystrike to just after Saaralutern, he wore German parkas and snow camo if able. They were more comfortable and more effective in his opinion

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