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M1936 Belt ?


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I recently picked up a near mint M1936 pistol belt that I am not quite sure is WWII or even military issue. Although in near mint condition there is no date and the maker reads only H.M. Co. There is also no U.S.

on the belt which would possibly indicate Marines or lend lease. The buckle is made of the light alloy metal. The keepers are painted steel. Anyone ever come across one of these or know if they are genuine WW2 issue item. TIA - CG




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Thank you Cap. I guess this confirms that I do not have the only one in the world and 'most likely' a military issue. I would guess that because these belts were not stamped with the U.S. that it became a good candidate for someone to try to fake it as a U.S.M.C. original.



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