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Mountain t handle shovel cover


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Were t handle covers with this lower mount specifically for mountain packs? I have two of these, the other made by Geib.



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iron bender

This is out of Stanton's US Army Uniforms of WWII. Pretty sure the cover was initially developed for the mountain ruck, but found use elsewhere...




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22 hours ago, daskrieg said:

Are the mountain covers more expensive than normal ones? As i am looking to purchase one.

They are more costly only if the seller knows what they are! Even at that, they are pretty reasonable.


The Marines received some of these as well!

Below, at New Caledonia...

New Caledonia 1 USMFB.jpeg

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On 12/24/2020 at 2:39 PM, daskrieg said:

What do they usually sell for? I found one but the seller is asking around $86 plus shipping.

Sounds good to me. I haven't shopped for one in at least 20 years, but I know they haven't gotten any cheaper or- more importantly- less scarce.

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