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New Member and Young Collector from USA

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I am a young Militaria collector from the Midwest US, but not new to collecting. I've been collecting militaira, and studying it for 5 years now and have amassed a good sized collection. I focus on uniforms and groupings of the US Army Air Corps/Force from the WW2 period, although I have uniforms from across the board WW2-Korea. I have finally made an account after using this website as a guest for years, and I am looking forward to sharing my collection and learning more among this wonderful community!


you can find some of my collection on my Instagram account ndtmilitaria


thanks for reading and looking forward to getting involved more in the community!


Yours truly, NDTMilitaria

Yours Truly,


Nic Talley

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Welcome! It's great seeing younger people interested in preserving history. It seems as if there is a huge generation gap between the Greatest Generation and Generation X (or whatever the newest generation is called now). While I was teaching I noticed that most of my students had no idea when certain wars were fought. Some even believed the Civil War was fought in the 20th Century. I'm happy knowing there are youths out there who are interested and willing to help keep the memories of our veterans alive. Enjoy the forum and I look forward to seeing your collection!



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Welcome aboard!




Wanted: USMC Helicopter related items

Collector of Marine Corps Helicopter / Rotary aviation items from the late 1940s to present


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