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Hello all.

Johnny Shiloh

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Johnny Shiloh



Thank you for allowing me to join your group.


My name is Rick and collect different military items. Helmets, bayonets, field gear, uniforms, and some personal effects. Anywhere from eastern block (mainly East German), WW2 (mainly U.S. but some German too) to current U.S. military equipment, uniforms and in between periods. I'm also a crazy nut about the U.S. Civil War primarily uniforms, equipment, and how they were made. Federal and Confederate. I can't afford to buy them so I research them instead.


I look forward to expanding my knowledge via these forums. From what I've already seen there is hours and hours of research that I can't wait to peruse.


Thank you

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Welcome! This is a great place to hang out and learn a thing or two.


If you haven't already, go on over to our World Militaria Forum. It's new and still building, so new contributors are welcome there too.





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Hello Rick, welcome to the forum! East German is a theme it bring me back to my youth, living then only 8 kilometres away from the iron curtain.

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Johnny Shiloh

Thanks Mikie,


I'll definitely go and check out the World Military Forum.


Thanks Backtheattack,


I was collecting East German stuff when I was younger too. Mainly because it was so cheap and plentiful. It must of been interesting and I'm sure a little scary living so close to the wall.

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4th Miss Cav



American Civil War has always been my first passion. Glad to have another Civil War guy on the forum.



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Another great place to visit if you collect East German militaria: http://www.facebook.com/groups/EastGermanCollectors



My book, "Desert Uniforms, Patches, and Insignia of the US Armed Forces" is available on Amazon and other booksellers World-wide: www.amazon.com/Desert-Uniforms-Patches-Insignia-Forces/dp/0764352067


Check out our Facebook group on the book and all things Desert Uniform related: http://www.facebook.com/groups/DesertUniform


Always looking for:

- Saudi camel tongue rank fobs - DCU Uniforms & Patches - AAFES Pogs - Parachute Rigger Badges - Berlin Brigade Items - Pershing Rifles Items - East German Para Items-


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