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Mauser Broomhandle Bringback?

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I recently purchased this possible GI bringback. Its a matching numbers nickle plated Broomhandle. There are no import markings on this firearm that was manufactured between 1923-30. Unfortunately, there are no capture papers that accompany this particular gun. The plating looks vintage and was commonly applied my GI's who wanted to spruce up their worn souvenir. I was outbid on a similar one a few years ago when the bidding exceeded $3500. I got a good deal on this one and will shoot it when I get a chance. post-158759-0-03526500-1585936607_thumb.jpgpost-158759-0-09045800-1585936632_thumb.jpg

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Beauty broom handle you got there! I would love to shoot one of these sometime. I have a inter-war Luger that was also a bring back and that shoots like a dream! Super cool to have one of these, as you find one for every 50 lugers or 20 regular Mauser's out there. Congrats on the find!

Always looking for 325th G.I.R. and WWII USMC items!


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Thanks Brian! Ammo is available and not too expensive 36 cents a round. Its not too expensive and I won't be shooting it a lot. I'm searching for repro holster but all come from China and they cant guarantee they will fit.

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Hi, nice Broomhandle but since it has been chromed I would not suggest shooting it much due to hydrogen embrittlement. This is something that often happens to a higher grade of alloy when plated. I'm by far no expert on the subject. I worked in a racecar shop years ago and we were told not to electroplate any of our suspension parts especially the one made of chromoly steel. Take a look at the link I hopefully attached and see what you think.


Take care



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