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Attic find named WW1 medical helmet

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You're welcome. Glad I could help.



Specific areas of collecting and buying interest:

WWI/WWII 40th (Sunshine) Division, Camp Kearny, Camp Harry Jones, WWI/WWII 158th Infantry, USS Oklahoma, USS Swordfish (SS-193), Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Mexican Border (1916),

Norman Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Norman, OK, Tinker Field or AFB, Submariner Items, Knives, Bayonets, Sweetheart Jewelry, other unique

or odd items with interesting stories.


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Well folks its like this, nothing could be read at all without putting something on the helmet to bring out the writing which in turn I quickly photographed before it faded again. Without a name its just a helmet. Everything it touched it left rust on. Its for my personal collection and if Im gonna keep it a long time Im willing to take the risk. Ive used Remington oil before and used it on my firearms for 30 years, it is a very light oil that dissipates quite quickly. I dont want this thread to turn into a conservation thread as we will never all agree on what is best. In conclusion, just relax, enjoy and stay safe out there.


Well, it looks like several members nailed down your guy, which is cool.


You response to the membership concerning your feelings about oil is not cool.


Plain and simple, oil 'IS' destructive to old helmet paint and hand applied insignia. It has nothing to do with what we agree on, this is proven. You may not want this to turn into a conservation thread but, in good conscience, I cannot let you, nor any other member who might read this, think that this is in any way a good thing, because it is not.


This is a fabulous helmet with what now appears to be great provenance but, in your race to conserve with oil, you have now advanced its deteriation.


If you are interested, you can fix this before the oil gets a chance to soften your paint. Find a good citrus cleaner and wipe off the oil. Afterward, wash it with warm soapy water, rinse with clean water and dab it dry.


Also, here is the link to the thread that aef1917 was referring to. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/45336-oiling-your-helmets-other-helmet-preservation-misconceptions/

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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