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Question on Blade Marked M3

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Should all blade marked M3 knives have an ordnance bomb stamped on the pommel, or were some made without? Thanks in advance for any help. Dave

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Usually they show the ordinance stamp. Sometimes they don't, one speculation is that the ordinance bomb my have been stamped on the pommel before final assembly and they may have been installed upside down in the rush to get finished knives out. So far I don't know anyone who's decided to dis-assemble an old knife to look for the stamp. Maybe someday one of us will run across an M3 with a broken blade and do some investigating.

But yes sometimes you see a genuine example without an ordnance stamp showing.


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That's my theory on many of them, simple mistake. I have seen pommels installed upside down on the M3 with the Ordnance bomb inside. Old rusted example with the leather rotted away, had a photos somewhere of it. Shared it with Vince Coniglio back in the 1990's but never made it into his first book.


I have also seen Mk2's with the pommels installed upside down as well as a Camillus with the split collet nut screw pommel installed upside down, how they ever got it tight is a guess to me. In any case it happened.

All The Best

Frank Trzaska

Visit us at USMilitaryKnives.Com

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