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Postcard with mini tintype photo - Foreign flags?

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Had this postcard for a coon's age! It has a mini tintype photo of a young man inset in it. On the back there is a brief message signed George. I believe this came from Virginia. Anyone guess on era and flags? I'm guessing German or Belgian flags? I always assumed it was from the Great War.







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German imperial flags. WWI era or before.

North German Confederation and the German Empire





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US picture and German flags, plausible explanation would been done during the occupation of Germany just after the end of WW1.




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Yes totally agree with easterneagle. That is a gem size tintype of a doughboy probably taken during the Occupation.


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Yes and he used with a bit of irony and humor a unused German patriotic photo card or whatever they are called, one where if used, a German Soldiers photo would of gone :lol:

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