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WWI and WWII Female Red Cross uniforms


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I do not know much about collecting Red Cross items but I took a gamble and picked up these uniforms. The first is a WWI Red Cross jacket and skirt. On the sleeve is the Paris bullion patch and US pin insignias on the shoulders.


The next is a WWII overcoat with ARC insignias on the collar and service stripes.


The last is the iconic hospital/field uniform.


I really do not know much about this stuff other than what I researched. Are these hard to come by? I'm contemplating trying to find them a good home in the future. Thanks for looking and if you have any information to help me understand these Red Cross uniforms I would greatly appreciate it.


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Very nice!~

I wish I could tell you more about them- IMO the rarity goes down in the order that you posted them in. but they are all tough to find and very nice! i would love to have a WW1 example in my woman's collection.

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The coat has the red ARC Branch of Service color, which is for Chapter and Branch Officers

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Alan Schaefer



What exactly is the first tunic that Dan has posted here in this thread? The skirt looks to be a WW1 style female long, ankle height skirt. I spent time looking through my Jill Halcomb Smith books on Female Uniforms, studying her American Red Cross section, and didn't see anything like this tunic in the WW1 area of the American Red Cross chapter in volume 1. I also looked at the Morphy Auctions past auctions archive they have which show a couple different WW1 American Red Cross female uniform groupings they sold this past year of 2019, and they look nothing like this fine tunic posted here.


The blouse or tunic does not look like a standard WW1 Red Cross Female tunic for the following reasons. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong:

1.) This is a "sack coat" type of construction with No Chest Pockets, and No Waist Pockets as would normally expect to see on a WW1 era Red Cross Female tunic/blouse.

2.) The buttons are shiny white metal with that appear to only have a Red Cross symbol on them with no wording. The buttons we would normally see on a WW1 era Female Red Cross tunic/blouse would be of a black bakelite material,and have the words: "American Red Cross" encircling the Red Cross emblem.

3.) The tunic seems to have no appearance of ever having a cloth waist belt as would be normal on a WW1 era Red Cross female tunic/blouse. Again, this seems to be a "sack coat" type of construction tunic/blouse.

4.) There doesn't seem to be any colored tabs on the right or left side lapels of the tunic/blouse as we would expect to see.

5.) If there originally were enamel Red Cross emblems on the shoulder straps, they are now absent.


Yes, this tunic/blouse has a bullion District of Paris SSI on the upper sleeve, and there are bronze "U.S." insignia on the shoulder straps. But is this tunic/blouse really a WW1 era Red Cross female tunic/blouse, or what is it?


Thanks in advance for any insight on this tunic/blouse and skirt, I appreciate it.


Best Regards,



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