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ww2 Rocket Mask


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What do you want to know about it? It's a civilian non-combatant mask that someone cut off the filter and marked it "rocket mask". It's a phoney as a $3 bill. First off, it wouldn't work. There's a huge hole where the filter used to be. Rocket gases would blast the wearer right in the mouth and nose.

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General Apathy
Once again a surplus dealer turning something useless into something saleable, in this case a child's toy.


Hi Militarykid1234, value ?? possibly zilch, but I just love the ingenuity of whoever came up with this idea , the graphics of the spaceships and planets are terrific. I would say it was possibly done in the 1950's when ' Flash Gordon ' ruled the outer universe.


I remember being a kid when the film ' The Alamo ' came out and we all wanted to be David Crockett, one of my friends mothers donated a fur stole for us to cut up and make Crockett hats out of, I think about five of us got them, even have a photo somewhere in a back draw of the 'gang' all wearing them with cap guns.


Fun came more cheaply in those post war days, we could be happy with simple things, a couple of wooden planks and four baby carriage wheels from the salvage yard and we made go-carts.


Enough, enough it can't compete with the latest this and that and the iPhone and lap-top computer. ???


Cheers ( Lewis )

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There may be some truth to this one.




From the Life archive, of an 88th division blue devil with a cut down gasmask into a "bazooka mask". By and large, most guys went without goggles, masks or any other face protection. Very few of the vets I've talked with have specifically noted or mentioned any of the gasses or blast being an issue.


As far as this specific product, I agree that it is most likely a surplus store seller's fantasy - but it may be rooted in something seen in the war.



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