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Ciao guys


my name is Michele (Michael or Mike in English) and I'm from the northern part of Italy.

Despite the situation, let me say hello to everyone and when it comes to myself I'm (with my young son) a military collector.....WWI and WWII. Our collection is still quite small...but is growing (and due to strict limitations about license it is only related to non weapons).

Sure I will find here useful information and inspiration.

Best regards

Michele Mike

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Welcome Michael,


I hope youre hunkering down and doing well. Post pictures, tell us about your collection, and ask question. Now is a good time to get involved since were all online and social distancing. Again, welcome and get involved.

Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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