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M1923 OD7 garand belt - 1945 with no retainer straps?

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Dear all,


I recently bought a OD-7 M1923 Garand Belt. I was convinced it was (faintly) dated 1945, and in conjunction with the presence of zinc hardware, I thought it surely was a WW2 example. However, when the item was delivered I saw that no retainer straps are present and were never there.


Could this still be a WW2 example, or does it have to be postwar? Or am I perhaps misreaing the stamp? I will post some photo's tomorrow,


Thanks a lot,


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Hello Ed,


Yes, it could be. I have a 1945 dated belt that was manufactured without the retaining straps.




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Not sure what happened to my last post but it merged my text with my link. My belt is similar. It is OD#7 with OD#3 stitching, alloy buckle, with no retaining snaps and no markings at all. It is not worn enough to have markings fade which confuses me further.

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Quite correct; every '45-dated (and even a couple of '44s, IIRC) Army Belt I've seen was made without clip retainers.

Interestingly, the Marine Corps kept them in their Ammo Belts even into the '50s.

Support our troops...abandoning the War on Terror is not an affordable luxury.

I'm so old, I still call W.W.II U.S. militaria "war surplus".


God's blessings in the Name of our Lord Jesus- Jim Robertson

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