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Bought two movies at Target today, “They Shall Not Grow Old” and “The Great War”. The Great War has to be one of the worst war movies I’ve ever seen. It is basically a rip off of saving private Ryan. It’s about a captain in WWI leading some guys to rescue a regiment of negro soldiers behind enemy lines. The premise isn’t bad but the acting and the screenplay is awful. It actually copies scenes from SPR, just changes little things and the time period. The captain has flashbacks and is mentally unbalanced. In some scenes it even copies SPR almost word for word. I can not say it enough, Stay Away! ( unless you need a laugh). Just my 2 cents

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Perhaps "The Not So Great War". It's surprising they have not been sued. Then again, if the movie bombed at the box office perhaps the makers of SPR don't want to be associated with it.


My wife, the high school teacher would call this plagiarism... an automatic "F".

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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There are a lot of klunkers out there. Anyone see overlord? It looks so corny. Then there's the one with Micky rouke long hair and all


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Yeah I was looking on netflix for war movies and saw this one. Thought Oh Great a WW1 movie, It has to be good. 

WOW was I wrong and very disappointed. 

Wish I would have came here first to read the reviews.

 A kluncker, klinker, klancker!


Semper Fi



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