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What piece of gear is this battery pouch for?

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Ive had an item I picked up for next to nothing at a surplus store a couple years ago that I cant identify- If anyone has any insight into what this pouch holds a battery for or any other info I would love to hear it.


Since I am failing miserably with attaching pictures here is a description until I can figure the picture thing out-


Rectangular shaped nylon woodland pattern pouch.

6Lx 3Dx 3.5W

Reinforced with a black hard plastic stiffener on all sides but the opening flap. Opens lengthwise (long axis), flap secured with 2 metal snaps and a strip of Velcro. Pull tab on flap. 2 ALICE clips on back holds pouch vertically on its long axis, drain grommet on one (bottom) end.


Sewn tag inside the flap reads:



S/N 58934-3E0-11




It appears someone cut out a neat square hole on one end (through the nylon and black plastic stiffener) about 1 square. Looks sized to pass a switch or connection through, although this wasnt factory but a later modification judging by the edges of the hole.

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By the materials used, this dates from the mid 1990's to early 2000's....


There was a comms / camera / fighting gear system called "Land Warrior" that Gentex was involved with during this time period. Google it and see what comes up, looks like a lot of the gear was woodland BDU like this. Might find this in a picture.

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That is a good lead, and Im still looking but everything Ive found so far associated with the Land Warrior project in woodland pattern camo appears to be MOLLE, and I havent found a pouch that looks like this.

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