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Malaria pill container Vietnam

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…"in Vietnam we had to take a large, orange malaria pill once -a-week...it was chloroquine phosphate, 500 mg...this is the same medication used by the Chinese and a couple of studies to treat coronavirus patients...when i came home in 1968 and got outta the Army i was given 6 pills to continue taking for 6 weeks...this is the pill container i kept them in and for the past 52 years i've used it o store my dog tags"... My buddy Gill is a retired L.A.Times news paper reporter. He was a radio opperator in 68. Durring Tet he was at a FOB as part of a team that advised Kit Carson's. While they were not over run they were surrounded for a chunk of time. I thought it was interesting he would keep this this all these years.


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