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Unusual 1920s US Pilot Wing Blanket

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I found this blanket on ebay, some of you may have seen it there. So unusual I had to get it. I call it a blanket but it is really only 48 inches x 32 inches. But seems more made like a Pendleton, Beacon or Hudson Bay blanket. Made out of wool. You can see up close how the underlying structure seems to made up of stitched squares.


The image of the wing strikes me as 1919 or early 1920s design without the U. S. on the wing. But has U. S. above the wing. Dating is a guess.


How do you think this was used? Purely decorative? For your lap?


2019-11-23 14.19.37.jpg


Tod Rathbone
Rathbone Museum of WWII Aviation Uniforms and Insignia


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Very cool! But I have no real idea what is was used for? Because of its smallish size, maybe it was intended to be a framed wall-hanger?



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