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Some Col. Ditta USMC bring backs


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My father during the war was at Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Okinawa and North China. He went from Lt. to Maj. during that time.

For more pics and info:






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Was trying to get this translated, and here's a prompt response from the Japan Reference website (jref.com).

Thanks to mcmike for mentioning this site.

Appears my father got the map case and contents from his time China with the 2/7.


blue cover


military pocketbook







陸軍曹長 辻村清吉

Yamaguchi Troop, Kei 4046 Regiment*

Army Master Sergeant Tsujimura Seikichi


*Kei is the unit code name to refer to the 118th Division. 4046 is also the code name for a regiment of the division, but I can't identify it. Yamaguchi is the commander's name of the troop.


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Excellent grouping!


Your unit code by the way is indeed part of the 118th Division, last located in N. China. 6046 is for the 225th Independent Infantry Battalion within the 118th Div.




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Here is his Shin-Gunto, it has a field grade officers tassel and leather scabbard cover. The scabbard itself is the typical brownish metal.


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