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Luftwaffe sword

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Here is a Luftwaffe sword that a German Luftwaffe officer surrendered to my uncle. That is the story he told my mom years ago. My cousin had it but he gave it to my mom and she gave it to me.


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Nice piece- can we hear more about your uncle? What unit was he with?


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I really don’t know, all the folks that could tell me are passed away. His name was Johnny Wood and I believe he was living in South Carolina at the time of enlistment

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Nice looking sword !

In Memory of Air Corps Technical Sergeant Carl F. Durfee. He died of wounds on 30 December 1944 while serving in the South Pacific. You are not forgotten.

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1st Sgt Ann Barry, US Army Air Corp WAC World War Two --ETO --- Aunt

Sgt Willam M. Barry, USMC----Pacific World War Two--Father



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Hey you're lucky your cousin didn't just sell it. It looks very nice. You don't see a lot of them out there - at least I don't. You'll have to try to put together a little info about your uncle to pass on to your family with the sword when your term as caretaker is over. It's amazing what the people here can come up with just a name, initials, or a laundry #. Maybe you can start by trying to find an obituary.

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