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2 Japanese flags, part from a Betty bomber & a soldiers badge

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It's always interesting to hear family stories about spoils of war, and then learn from the experts what the GI's actually bought.


Thanks so much to Eric for the fine service he does translating war time documents and relics found for the militaria collecting community.

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I posted a picture of the shrine flag on WAF and GHP, Guy from the San Francisco area claims that the stamp of the red soldier is the mark used by a flag faker named Cupman.

I find that hard to believe after the scrutiny the flag received by Eric Queen and others.

Not to mention that Bob Hudson received the flag directly from the family.

There are many who claim that veterans buy fakes after the war but after thousands of direct vet purchases that has never happened to me.

I once thought I did when I got a solid one piece EK1 but after research found out it was a genuine piece.

But I did know veterans who became collectors after the war and had fakes in their collections. 

Everyone knew who they were because they traveled in those circles.

Does anyone know about Cupman and can they shed light on this conundrum?


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