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Uniformed Uniform Display-How To?

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I have a dilemma, or at least it is to me! I have about 100 uniforms with about 80 being on hangers hanging on racks with 20 or so on mannequins or torsos.


My goal is to have a uniform of each major unit that served in the ETO/MTO.


Presently they are hanging in order starting with Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, Infantry Divisions, Armored Divisions, Misc Units, and lastly USAAF. The ones that are hanging all have the left shoulder facing outward. Most of the uniforms that I have feature SSI on both sleeves. Many times I end up having a lot of COMZ ETOUSA SSI or doubles or triples of other units SSI being seen since they are all on the left shoulder. This makes it look like there is no organization at all because the SSI on the right shoulder cannot be seen and that may be the one needed for the sequence.


Since I like uniformity in my display I have always faced the uniforms in the same direction. Now I am seriously considering placing some uniforms in the "wrong direction" so that you can see the appropriate unit SSI.


I need some one to tell me to put my "select OCD" aside and that it is OK to mix the arrangement up! Or suggest some other arrangement.

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I suffer from the same malady as you, which was further reinforced by my drill sergeants and other NCOs!


That said, I would turn some the wrong way, or..."restore" the uniform to how it was sor would have been when the soldier was in his wartime unit.


Most of the time, "low point" soldiers were transferred to units such as COMZ that were selected to remain in theater longer. I'm sure that if the soldiers had their way, they would wear their war-time unit on the left shoulder instead of some unit they were only a part of administratively for a few weeks.


Purists will disagree with my statement, and I totally understand and don't disagree,, but to me those are the only options you have. If you do alter the uniform I would urge you to write up a statement as to what you did, when, and why and put it in a pocket of the uniform.

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It's OK if your uniforms aren't uniform (see what I did there! :lol: )


I had to do the same when I recently set up all my uniforms after them being in storage for years, and me recently moving into a new home. I'm very much for conformity and balance in my display.


However, I would rather look at SSI, as opposed to a blank shoulder or a repeat of the same SSI, so I made the decision to display my uniforms in different directions.


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