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81st Cavalry Recon DUI


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I am wondering if anyone can take a look at this DUI and let me know if it looks ok, I thought it was fine at first but then I noticed that there were small differences between it and the examples published by ASMIC and was concerned that ASMIC noted that they had been restruck and reproduced. The back is a german pinback.


Note: If the first picture is terrible I will try to resize it and try again.


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It’s fine. There are two other variants of this DI; one has dark mountains with a deep red narrower lightning bolt and the other is painted. Was also worn by 81st Constab Sq.

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Thank you for the help, I think I made myself worry knowing that there were restrikes and not knowing what one looked like. Just goes to show there is no substitute for handling the items and really knowing what they look like.

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