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Finally got around to joining

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I have been viewing the forum for several years and finally got around to joining. I have been impressed with the quality of some of the posts in the past that have helped me identify and research items I have come across in my years of collecting.

A little about me- I have a broad interest in collecting Militaria but have focused on field gear and edged weapons most recently. I have been collecting for over 25years. My US collection spans Span-Am War-present. Items that give me the biggest thrill are the finds in the back of dusty antique stores, garage sales and flea markets- it gives me satisfaction to rescue these pieces of history from what may have eventually been the trash.

I had a truly great collecting mentor as a kid, and as Im sure most of you can relate, once you get the bug you never really stop collecting.

Thanks for having me on here, looking forward to being a member.

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Welcome aboard as a full member! We would love to see some of your collection when you can!


My new book on the History of the US Service Flag is available now- contact me directly for a signed copy




Collector of WWI & WWII Home Front Flags, Unit Flags & Guidons, US & German helmets, insignia, uniforms, medals,

Women's Military Uniforms, Wisconsin Vocational School made Fighting Knives.

Military Collectibles Shop Owner & Dealer in everything else~!


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Some of my 1219c2 pattern knives- I have a little addiction to them. Both USN and USMC issue from the beginning to present. A few holes, as every time Im getting close to collecting them all someone uncovers a new variation, often too rare or expensive for me to snap up. Not too many museum quality pieces here, just representative examples of different versions. I prefer all of my collection to have seen honest use vs unused mint condition anyway. A couple doubles in there if they had an interesting theater handle or sheath, otherwise unique variations.


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