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Vietnam uniform

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Here is my Father- in-Law’s Vietnam uniform. This is what he wore when back stateside when he was stationed out west. Unsure of where. The field gear is what he wore when pulling guard duty in Vietnam. He was in 18th Engineer Battallion. Enjoy!



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Cool. Very nice display and setup.







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551st PIB pocket and shoulder patches

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The left shoulder patch is for the Artillery and Missile School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


The patch was also worn by units supporting the school such as the 31st Infantry Regiment.



The right shoulder patch, indicating service in a combat zone, is for the US Army Vietnam.


I am not familiar with an 18th Engineer Battalion. Perhaps he was in a unit under the 18th Engineer Brigade?


The full color insignia indicate the uniform was from the early Vietnam period.


When I was collecting Vietnam era fatigue uniforms, I used to find a lot of them like this, with the combat patch on the right shoulder. Very rarely did I find uniforms with full color insignia on the left shoulder. That is because when the troops came home they repatched them to match their current assignment stateside.


Nice display.

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